Thumbs bound over head

Since the victims - because of the running and their exhaustion - cannot coordinate their movement, they are caused severe pain by the handcuffs and chains. Squatting and standing cells The height of the cage is lower than that of the victim. Forcible opening of the mouth In some cases the victim is also "fed" through the mouth. Beatings to the buttocks This type of torture is also referred to as "to pass the board". This method of torture is described as thumbs bound over head especially painful.

Thumbs bound over head
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Injuries to the nose and ears Small shards or sticks thumbs bound over head pushed into the nose or ears of the victim. Piercing of the fingertips Sharp bamboo sticks are forced, often with a hammer, through the fingertips and under the fingernails of the victim. Glowing iron rod Serious burns have been inflicted upon some victims with red-hot iron rods. Since the victims are bound, they cannot pull it out themselves.

Thumbs bound over head
Thumbs bound over head
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Thumbs bound over head

Common methods of torture and abuse in the People's Republic of China

Some reports have stated that stinging nettle plants were also applied in order to intensify the pain. The heels must be kept raised to avoid touching the nails. Victims suffer from paralysis and long-lasting pain, amongst other things.

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